Purchase Information

Hi all! Thank you so very much for your interest in Ryuutama!

Ryuutama is currently in print, available, and can be purchased anywhere in the world.

You can buy the physical book with the electronic/PDF version – as well as a number of other excellent story-focused RPGs (including our other Japanese RPG translation Tenra Bansho Zero!) – from Indie Press Revolution!

If you want to purchase Ryuutama at your local game or hobby store, see if they’re on the list of worldwide IPR partners here. If you live outside the US, there is very likely a store near you in your country that carries Ryuutama, or would order it for you if you ask them (to save you money on international shipping). If your local game store is not an IPR partner, please have them reach out to IPR for store/distributor information and discounts!

You can buy the electronic/PDF version of the game from our Kotodama Web Store or from Drive Thru RPG.

If you have any questions, please ask us!

Thanks so much for your support, and stay tuned for eventual Ryuutama supplement books!