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DECEMBER 17 – DECEMBER 26: Ryuutama “Blue Ryuujin” Essay Contest is LIVE! Click here for the details.

In short: Share with us a short essay about how tabletop gaming helped you through the Pandemic, and you can potentially win a physical copy of the Ryuutama RPG Rulebook!


DECEMBER 2022: Ryuutama (the physical book) is SOLD OUT! Apologies to those people who were looking to buy it for the holidays. It caught us off guard.

However, Ryuutama is NOT “Out Of Print/Discontinued”!!

We have just submitted a new print run of Ryuutama which, due to global logistics issues, will take a few months to print and ship to our warehouse.

Ryuutama will be back in stock on/around March-April 2023. Please hold until then.

You will be able to purchase it then through Indie Press Revolution, our primary distributor — Or one of the many global game retailers near your home that carries games from Indie Press Revolution.

Please take care to avoid being fooled by price gougers attempting to sell overpriced copies on acution sites and the like before then. Ryuutama will be back before you know it!

The World of Ryuutama

An introduction to the game.

Ryuutama the Game

Find out more about the rules of play.

Unique Elements

This is what make Ryuutama different from other tabletop role-playing games.

A Glimpse of the Book

Come see some of the interior art!

Translators’ Notes

Find out what we think about this game, and why we undertook this project.

Downloadable Resources

Scenarios, Character Sheets, Battle Sheets and more!

Purchasing Ryuutama

Click here to find places to purchase the physical and electronic book!