Supplemental combat rules

Hello everyone,
Anyone have experience incorporating more tactical minutia into Tenra? Specially, actions like taking cover or when there is a clear disparity between armor strength and weapon penetration. The standard rules favor the cinematic by letting players represent a successful defense with rolling into cover, but I'm trying to find a middle ground for more tactically focused players.

I'm considering giving the defender additional dice depending on the extent of cover taken, but not setting any additional rule involving armor.

Any anecdotes on positive and negative experiences with more detailed combat rules?


  • Hmmm. I haven't really messed around with combat rules, other than one where we raised the monster HP a little, lowering their Armor, and when players succeed, the difference between die result and armor (halved) would do extra damage to the monster.

    ...but that's just a combat change, but one that's not very tactical. I'm interested in hearing others' thoughts.

  • I lean into the cinematic generally, so the closest change I have incorporated that may be helpful is what happens when the players have managed to team up with a powerful NPC for a difficult fight. Essentially I put in place a system for team attacks where one PC a turn could have the NPC help them with an attack or action and get up to 3 bonus dice for their roll. The number of bonus dice depended on the NPC being used and the players were required to describe how they were teaming up for the action (most of the time an attack or defense).

    I could see this system being used to convey a tactical advantage in tougher fights in the way you were thinking (extra dice for cover). I don't advise going higher than 3 dice though; a bonus bigger than the dead box would be a bit much.

  • @JasonMiller said:
    I don't advise going higher than 3 dice though; a bonus bigger than the dead box would be a bit much.

    I think this is a very important point when considering modifications like this since an additional 3 dice is the equivalent if fighting with your life on the line.

    I guess beyond the use is cover, I'm thinking of actions like attacking from behind, surrounding a target, knocking a target down, fighting on uneven terrain, elements that are quantified in more traditional games.

  • The thing is that stuff like surrounding a target doesn't mean much in the type of medium Tenra is trying to emulate. You've got your insane badass Samurai standing in the middle of a ring of mooks and basically saying "Come at me." and they all run in, blood sprays, and he's the only one standing. Facing is much the same. I guess you could give people +1d for having the highground or something, but everyone mocked Star Wars Episode 3 for a reason...

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