Useful Player Aids and a Character Sheet

Continuing my migration here is a handful of very useful aids for some of the more complicated character types in Tenra. The first is a two page summary for Shiki Summoning that makes it way easier and more fun to play a Onmyoji at the table. It includes notes on the summoning process itself and a list of all the Shiki powers for quick reference.

The second aid is an Armour Creation Guide. As much as I love armours in Tenra it is a bit of a pain to figure out and multiple armour examples in the book are incorrect according to the rules. May this shorten the creation of armours for you immensely.

Last, I'm putting up a copy of my version of the character sheet. I like it for functionality and if you have seen the one for Altesha it is essentially the same sheet.

Shiki Summoning

Armour Guide

Character Sheet


  • Thank you for re-posting these, I found both the shiki and armour documents to be very helpful and lamented not downloading these earlier.

    I have a shiki summoning related question, how when do onmyoji typically perform shiki crafting?
    I have only played one game with an onmyoji player so far, so I'm curious of how other people play. From what I can tell, onmyoji would normally create a handful of talismans ahead of time in order to avoid crafting them during battle.

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    I made the Shiki sheets due to all my players that play Onmyoji wanting to craft and random summon in the middle of a scene (roleplay or combat). It happened at least once an act leading to the creation of these sheets.

    Talisman summoning I almost look at as a completely different character type that I push new players to try out when they show interest in the Onmyoji. You don't need the Onmyojutsu skill to be a Talisman User and it still feels cool to summon various shiki from a sword or pendant. It is also significantly less mechanically complicated when you already have 2 or 3 shiki options made up for you.

  • The only time I've ever had any summoning in my game was when I had a Talisman user. I'm kinda intimidated by the summoning rules, but might try them with the handout.

  • Been fiddling with spreadsheets and created a template for an armour character sheet that pulls references. Sheet 1 is reference source and sheets 2-3 are blank armour character sheets. I haven't ironed out all the bugs with google sheets (based on an excel doc), but most of the drop down menus and references should populate properly. This is just an initial draft, sorry for the poor formatting.

    Armour Spreadsheet

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