[Migration] Character Archetype: Puella Magi

Copying this back over from posts I made on the G+ community, an archetype that recreates the magical girls of Madoka Magica. Contains spoilers for the show. Looking back, there's probably things I want to change about it, so this is here mainly for archival purposes.


Cursed Bearers of Hope The Puella Magi are a tragic story. They are adolescent girls who make a contract with an otherworldly being (their Patron) to fight Witches—abominations who are rooted in the Reflection World, who lash into Tenra to wreak despair and destruction. The influence of a Witch can drive normal humans into fits of passion, cruelty, and despair, without anyone noticing. The Puella Magi, through their contract, are particularly equipped to fight these monsters. They are granted special powers which enable them to interface with a Witch as they strike into Tenra, allowing the Puella Magi to enter the Witch's nightmarish pocket reality, ending its evil forever.

All Puella Magi are given a Soul Mirror, a potent form of a meikyo mirror (made with an unknown, alien technique) which draws on the power of the Reflection in order to fuel their Magi powers. Like all meikyo mirrors, a Soul Mirror accumulates karma over time. When a Witch is killed, it leaves behind a Grief Seed, an embodiement of the karma it has absorbed and used to fuel its rampage. The Grief Seed may be used to perform Meikyo Cleansing (as the Buddhist Magic ability); to use the ability, spend the Grief of the seed as if it were Soul. The GM will tell you how much Grief a seed has. The dark secret of Puella Magi is their tragedy—when a Puella Magi is overcome by the strain of her fight, she becomes a Witch, growing in power and establishing her own bastion in the Reflection World, becoming a dark and twisted mockery of her past self. This is the secret of a Puella Magi, their Grief Curse.

Karma Cost: 80
Primary Attribute: Spirit
Station Requirement: 4
Fate: Puella Magi—Grief Curse * * * *
Skills: Interface (3)

Grief Curse: the prophetic dream of your cursed future form haunts you; when you have more aiki chits than your Empathy score, you receive a fleeting vision of the destruction you will wreak as a Witch, in a dark future.
Magi Power: when you activate your Puella Magi power, you gain the following abilities and boosts. The required weapon (and/or animal, in the case of Typhoon Rider or Bestial Companion) for your Art of War appears instantly when you activate your power. Activating Magi Power costs 10 Soul, and the transformation lasts until you choose to end it or until the end of the scene, whichever happens first.

  • (any) Art of War (3), chosen at character creation.
  • Meikyo Bonus: as the kongohki bonus of the same name
  • Magi Skill: a Puella Magi may roll Interface for combat rolls.
  • Additional Damage: 5 (Add 5 to the damage of all melee, unarmed and marksman attacks)
  • Regeneration: 2 (Regain 2 point of Vitality each interaction phase when in Puella Magi mode)
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