Ryuutama: Out of Stock/Out of Print until December!

Hey Ryuutama fans, quick heads up.

The suddenness caught us all a bit off guard: We went from our warehouse (www.indiepressrevolution.com aka "IPR") stock of160+ remaining copies to 0 in a very short window. Ryuutama, years later, is still a hot seller!

So, aside from random stores that still have their shelf stock, plus the 40 that Matt and I have at our houses, Ryuutama will effectively be out of print... for approximately two months. It's going to print this week (on the heels of the first Shinobigami book), which means that once the dust settles it should be back at IPR in December, and likely meet any Christmas/O-shogatsu season orders.

Anyway, just a heads up to the core fans. Also, if you hear in the rumor mill that it's "No Longer In Print", know that this unavailable window is literally measurable in weeks, not months or years. :-)


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