Interview with Atsuhiro Okada from the Ryuutama supplement

Hey all: In a recent Ryuutama update, I posted this link to one of the pieces of content of the Ryuutama supplement, an almost 20 page long (but very light and fun read) interview I did with Atsuhiro Okada. In it I brought up a bunch of the original KS backer questions, as well as pulling out the history and story behind the game.

While this content will be in the supplement (for the people who aren't following Ryuutama on the web), it was not made specifically only to share in the supplement: Unlike the supplemental rules content and essays, I specifically wanted to share this interview with the community at large.

Here it is, enjoy!


  • Wow, that was incredibly relatable! I had no idea you were into Popolocrois, Andy :P

    (Also, I hate to be that person, but you used the wrong kanji for sentaku in your explanation of Knights of Cleaning.)

  • Thanks, and nice catch: I went ahead and fixed that (選択 --> 洗濯), yikes that would have been embarrassing! (^.^)

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