Ryuutama: "Armor (+1)" vs "Clothes" with the "High Quality" (+1) modifier

So this question just came up today on the Discord channel, and we wanted to share. We actually confirmed the answer with Atsuhiro Okada himself!

The question was this:
Armor grants +1 Defense and costs 900g. Clothes cost 50G, are listed under the "Armor" table, and for Armor you can multiply the price by 5 to get "High Quality Armor" which adds +1 to the Defense. Is that right?

Answer is this: Unfortunately no: High Quality clothes do not grant armor bonus.

For convention, clothes appear under the armor table since they are "things you wear" (apparently this was addressed in an errata on the Japanese edition). But they grant "nothing" to armor.

For that reason, only things that already grant an Armor/Defense bonus can take the "High Quality" tag to add ANOTHER +1 to them. Items with no armor bonus cannot be granted a +1 bonus. An analogy: Buy a "High Quality Apple", hang it around your neck, and get a +1 Armor.

Therefore, Clothes are not really Armor, and don't grant +1. You can, however, apply normal tags to clothes: Uncool, cute, smelly, etc!

Finally, a great move by user Kai: They didn't know at the time when pressed by a player, so they made this house rule for their game they are GMing: They let the player take "High Quality Clothes" for a +1 defense, but since clothes are easily damaged, the first hit will destroy that bonus. As Kai would not find it fair to suddenly change the rules on this, they will likely continue to use that rule. Although the above confirms that clothes =/= armour, this handling is quite excellent. It's these kinds of interesting GM on-the-spot decisions that make Ryuutama so interesting!


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