Ryuutama Hardcopy Proof of Purchase

I recently purchased a hardcopy of Ryuutama and inside there is a page that states that if you use the "Contact Us" form on the KOTOHI website and provide a proof of purchase they will send you a PDF version of the book as well. While I have proof of purchase, unfortunately there is no means of attaching it to the form. I have tried contacting them six times in the last three weeks about this, but have yet to get a response. Have any of you found a way of providing this?


  • Sorry you haven't heard from us. If you can email us directly with a picture of the physical receipt/copy of the receipt email that would be fine. Send it to kotohi.ennui@gmail.com and I'll make sure it gets taken care of.

  • Thank you for the speedy reply. I just sent an email to you with a picture of the receipt attached.

  • Indeed, my apologies: I'm a bit (read: "a lot") behind on getting out PDFs to book owners. I have the email and I'll be sending out the PDF (and replying to others, too) within the next 48 hours.

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