Errata - Sleepless Penalty

As we're working through the supplement, I found a mistake in the core rulebook regarding sleepless nights. Sorry!
Luckily it's kind of intuitive to get to the correct answer. Instead of Fainting, a character becomes "Out of Shape," just like any other time their Condition becomes 2 (or 1).

Errata for the Sleepless Penalty:

"...Instead, their current Condition score is halved, rounding down. If this results in the character's Condition dropping to 2 or less, they become Out of Shape. A character whose Condition drops to 0 dies."


  • Wow, I originally read that as a boon to the players: to die from exhaustion, your character needs to overcome fainting (and thereby resting) to over-exert themselves again.

    Now, it’s far easier, as you’re merely out of sorts as you begin your last day.

  • lol!!!!!!

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