Space Narwhals - Tenra Altesha G+ Post

Thought I'd take a moment to share the ridiculousness that came out of my head when thinking about the Ayakashi of Altesha:

Space Narwhals
Alien Type Ayakashi

These giant horned space fairing creatures were discovered near red giants and other celestial body's that give off large amounts of solar radiation. They migrate through the universe in small pods living off of solar radiation and are very protective of their few offspring. Adults rival large spaceships in size.

Attributes: Body 15, Empathy 8, Spirit 10
Off the Universe Immunity to environmental dangers (Space)
Flight 4 Can fly through space at about 4000m per minute.
Resistance 4 +20 Vitality...You try hurting something that big!
Natural Weapon 5 They have a tusk that is the size of a small space ship that is probably empowered by solar energy...+30 damage weapon.

Taboo 5: Landfall
Leaving the zero gravity environment of space is a death sentence for such a large creature; It simply can't survive in higher gravity places, whether they be a planet or the core of a sun. Of the Universe does not protect in these situations.

Goal 4: Protect the next Generation
Children are precious to these creatures that have so few. Sometimes this compulsion extends to the young of other species.

For the record it would be rather difficult to have a PC use this Ayakashi but I totally want to bring them into a game at some point as an NPC or simply as an interesting encounter (part of the habitat around a space station that is central to the plot perhaps?). Part of me also sees one of my players asking to play as one regardless of the difficulty of scene handling...maybe as a slightly less powerful version.

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