Family Before Blood: A Tenra Scenario

Continuing on my migrating of Tenra material I have made in the past I bring you Family Before Blood; a Tenra Bansho Zero scenario for an experienced GM that has brand new players. As a warning, it does bring in the Engineering skill from Altesha in the form of Tama the Machinist but anything needed to understand that is in on her player sheet.

I actually just ran this scenario a few months ago to great success and much Shiki destruction all around (Rui is a terrifying final boss when she goes full game of thrones). It also oddly left a large space for a continuation this time that I was not expecting as both Nautada Nijou (the lord of the land and city) and Crimson Goichi (the Yakuza Oyabun/rebel leader) are still alive and didn't even end up in combat with the PC's or each other.

If anyone gives it a try please share your experience!


PC Sheets

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