Altesha: The Fantasy Sci-Fi Sister to Tenra

Good day everyone!

Andy asked me to move over my creations as G+ dies and I figured I would start with my largest first. Alesha is an entire setting book for the Tenra system with new rules and character types for an entirely original setting. It keeps with Tenra's penchant for a ton of different ridiculous character options and interesting twists on older character types.

What happens when the Lu-Tirae (Oni) get to finish their mission of tending Tenra without the interference of humans and their god returns with a new edict concerning tending the galaxy?

What could go wrong when a third of the human race gains the power of their soul to use in life but become infinite sources of energy after they die?

How about when you mix a reality-altering mineral into a weapon to give it magic like properties?

All this and more craziness in Altesha: A Tenra Bansho Zero Continuation

Character Sheet

Character Sheet for Armours and Tree Ships

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