Tenra Bansho Guide Videos [From G+]

Hey all, I was going through the G+ group, and found that there were a few links to book reviews and the like. I wanted to create a thread to archive the ones I spotted in the G+ group. If you come across a new video (or make one yourself), feel free to post it in a new thread so we can discuss it! This thread is more of just an archive for now (but feel free to comment here as well).

Aaron der Schaedel reviews Tenra Bansho Zero:

Aaron again comes back with Character Generation samples:

7 Realms reviews Tenra Bansho Zero:

I wanted to go through some more, so I googled "Tenra Bansho Zero" on Youtube, and... well... There's TONS of TBZ videos!

It's... kind of too much to go through them all! If anyone wants to call attention to any reviews/actual plays/etc that they found to be pretty good, please do so!


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