Andy K aka “DiamondSutra” – Andy was destined for a life of nameless mediocrity, but in valiant struggle rebelled against the fates, seizing a life of slightly less mediocrity instead. Hobbies include: Japanese manga, sociology/counterculture books, Muay Thai kickboxing, anxiety, video games and tabletop RPGs. Doing the above in Japanese helps take the sting of Japanese illiteracy away, replacing it in grueling slowness with barely functional literacy.

He lives in Yokohama with his lovely wife Orie and three cute cats, where he spends his days delving the depths of computer storage engineering, and his nights in a constant state of stress relief from his days.

Mancrush: Terry Crews.

Matt S aka “Ennui” – Matt was born and raised in the wild suburbs just outside of Los Angeles. After graduation, he realized his education was not yet complete and embarked on a journey around the world to find himself. There have been several media adaptations of his travails, including Fist of the North Star, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (6th part), and the music video for Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield”.

Destiny has led him to Atlanta, where he lives with his wife and twin sons and a large stack of Japanese role-playing games that cry softly to be translated and/or played.