2019 Ryuutama Holiday Scenarios

Another holiday contest just wrapped up in 2019. Here are all the entries, in one single PDF document!

2018 Ryuutama Halloweeen Scenarios

As translator supreme ennui-san LOVES Halloween-themed scenarios, he put together a contest for Ryuutama in 2018 (mainly as an excuse to award lots of Ryuutama-themed prizes to people). We received a wide selection of submissions, so many excellent ideas that we all stayed up late pondering which three were the most exemplary of “Ryuutama and Halloween”.

Here is the collection of just the three winning scenarios: Everfall, All Souls’ Night and Corn Daze. It is a ZIP bundle of 3 PDFs, plus a PDF introduction and explanation of the contest.

Here is the full collection of all scenarios (including the winning scenarios) submitted to the contest, plus the PDF introduction (13MB).

Holiday 2015 Package!

The Ryuutama Holiday Package. This is a 27 page document filled with all sorts of holiday frolics, as well as lots of samples of upcoming supplemental material: The Navigator Class; Terrain Cards to use in play; Rules for Koneko Goblin PCs; and a holiday-themed scenario!


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Feel free to send us your completed scenarios if you want to share them with others!

The Granville Road, a simple scenario originally offered by the designer, and translated from Japanese.

Reference Sheets

✿ Haruka, a sample character
Aster, a sample GM character/”Blue Ryuujin”

Ryuutama Journey Rules Reference

✿ Player Character Sheet the original character sheet from the Ryuutama book
✿ Player Character Sheet a form-fillable PDF sheet by Matthew Iskra
✿ Player Character Sheet a form-fillable PDF sheet by Michael Calabrese

✿ Player Character Sheet a set of pre-populated form-fillable blank character sheets for each class by Richard Allred
✿ Player Character Sheet the “First Game/Game Convention” set of characters, by Richard Allred: Fully prepared and ready-to-play sample characters, two of each class representing different “Types”, plus a random personal items list and detailed instructions for use. If you are running a one-shot of Ryuutama for friends or for a convention, THIS is the set you want to download! Thank you ChaosModifier!

✿ Game Master Character Sheet
✿ Item Tracking Sheet
✿ Battlefield Sheet
✿ Food and Water Tracking Sheet

Travelogue/Journal Sheet
✿ Mapping Sheet
✿ Notes Sheet

✿ Town Creation Sheet
✿ World Creation Sheet

Download all of the sheets above in one set (archived with RAR) HERE!

Scenario Cultivation/Idea Sheet
✿ Event Sheet
✿ Scenario Sheet for Travel-Centric Scenarios
✿ Scenario Sheet for Gathering-Centric Scenarios
✿ Scenario Sheet for Fight-Centric Scenarios

Download all of these GM Scenario Assistance sheets above in one set (archived with RAR) HERE!


Gilicuddy’s Bandcamp page of wonderful guitar music. We used his beautiful song “Travelling Made-Up Continents” in our Ryuutama Kickstarter video (with his permission). If you like classical fingerstyle guitar, check it out.


✿ Want to see the original Ryuutama book? It’s available in PDF, legally, for free, at the manga download site J-Comi (Click the green button link for “PDF” under the small picture of the book on the left).
Ryuutama in French!
Atsuhiro Okada’s Ryuutama blog, in Japanese
✿ A direct link to Okada’s “The Player Summary” PDF in Japanese, which while perhaps unreadable to many, is quite beautiful to behold.
A Ryuutama scenario set, translated into English by Matt Sanchez.
✿ The website for Tabletop Cafe Daydream in Tokyo (Japanese)


Below, an advetnure web comic by Katrina Teh. Katrina mentioned that her primary inspiration for this comic was Ryuutama!