Ryuutama Licensing Information

License Page: Last Updated 2019.4.15

Are you interested in making Ryuutama fan works to distribute or sell? Please reference this page, and contact us if you have any additional questions or want a review.

We’re working on the wording for an official license document, and in the meantime are granting licenses to folks working on Ryuutama themed projects. Here’s some guidelines:

We’re bringing the Japanese TRPG Indie/Doujin culture to the West. We want to see more groups, circles, friends, clubs become interested in getting together and creating/publishing their Ryuutama-derivative work for free or “a few bucks”. In Japan, at events like Game Market or Komiket, circles of friends will together work on a product (like a collection of scenarios, a printed replay, etc) and either give it away, or sell it between $3-5 USD (to which they then gather, and spend on a nice dinner out together to celebrate their work and friendship), at the same time sending the creator a few copies to enjoy as thanks. We want to try to bring that spirit from Japan to the West, and want others to feel open to making doujin/indie works, even for money.

What we’d love to see: Your creative works, including:

  • Illustrated replays in digital or physical format
  • Physical or digital Ryuutama supplemental works: Journals, cards, sheets, any sort of cool play-aid that can enhance the players’ fun or easy of play.
  • Original creative works: Fan scenarios, fantasy town guides, optional rules, content that other GMs and players can bring to the table and use.
  • Actual play videos, actual play audio podcasts, game review/discussion blogs and podcasts: (Note, you do not need to seek our approval on these!)
  • Anything that couples your creativity and Ryuutama.

The Basic Rules:

  • No Pornographic Material
  • Do not use (copy/paste/etc) any of the art that appears in official Ryuutama books. You are free to make your own
  • Do not use (copy/paste/etc) any content from the book (rules, etc). If you have a question on this, contact us

If you are looking to create a document, replay, podcast, actual play video/audio, or any other sort of document that is not specifically for sale, and not posted on any sales front (including drivethrurpg.com, itchi.io, etc) just follow the above rules, and contact us if you have any questions.

Monetized actual play videos or audio recordings (Ex: Youtube videos where you have monetization settings enabled), podcasts (where you plug other products), etc are okay and do not need our approval as long as they’re free to access, not behind a paywall etc.

If you are looking to create any content (books, electronic assets, physical goods, etc: Anything) that you plan on charging a fee for, please contact us directly for confirmation and approval. As part of the approval process for physical items, we’ll likely require you to send a few copies to the game’s designer, Atsuhiro Okada (and will help you work out those details).

Note: If you are looking to produce a full foreign language version of the Ryuutama core book, please contact us directly for that kind of arrangement as well. That will be a different and more thorough license/contract.

Any questions? Contact us!